Monday, November 23, 2009

The Greatest 32 Pages You'll Ever Read To a Kid

Let's dispense with the pleasantries and get down to brass tacks:

Buy this book and read it to a tyke you love.

Actually, what you can do is pre-order this little gem for all the little nippers close to your heart.

Lisa McClatchy — already a seasoned pro at the sweet, smart and funny young-reader story — is debuting her first original picture book — Dear Tyrannosaurus Rex — in July 2010. But you can order that puppy today!

Inspired by the antic imagination of our daughter and spun into sweet, warm comic gold by a woman noted for her writing skills as well as her taste in men and who is today celebrating her date of birth in the year 19#*, Dear Tyrannosaurus Rex ix a keeper.

(Technically her birthday is tomorrow, Nov. 29th but we're getting a jump on that epic mystery number today.)

You may only know Lisa McClatchy as the wildly successful publishing consultant.
Or as the instantly successful theatre producer.
Or the endlessly generous, thoughtful and loyal friend.
Or the involved, caring and loving parent.
Or the reliably fun and chatty social companion.
Or the one who saved you from having to hang out with me any more than you need to.
Or the ...

I could go on ... and I will. Just not here except to say that she continues to surprise me, crack me up, inspire me.

And please buy her book — because our kid has expensive tastes and Ivy League aspirations and a thing about seeing the world .. and shoes.

And wish Lisa McClatchy a Happy Birthday as well. Remember — If it wasn't for her, I might be sleeping on your couch. Or yours.